This is Life

‘This Is Life’ is a triptych created in commemoration of Colin Vearncombe (aka Black) which focuses on the fleeting nature of time and life.

The triptych covers 3 distinct periods in Colin’s life and work: 1986-1992 / 1993-2005 / 2006- 2016. Snippets of lyrics and dates/numbers pertinent to each period can be seen in each of the images.

Colin was a Liverpool-born singer/songwriter, artist, & poet who is probably best known for his hit single, ‘Wonderful Life’ which earned him a top ten hit around the world in 1987. ‘Wonderful Life’ came to represent something of a ‘double-edged sword’ for Colin as it became the primary song he was remembered for and overshadowed the rest of his 30-year repertoire, but latterly he came to embrace it.

Colin died in January 2016 following a tragic motor accident in Ireland, his home for 13 years.

Colin was a friend and colleague of mine. ‘This Is Life’ offers my reflection on Colin’s recording career and insightful lyrics – particularly as some of Colin’s most poignant lyrics were about life, some prophetically so.